C3.ai DTI hosts an elastic cloud, big data, development, and operating platform, including the C3 AI Suite running on Microsoft Azure, to support C3.ai DTI research, curriculum development, and classwork.

UC Berkeley and UIUC are providing additional scientific computing resources, including use of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Blue Waters supercomputer and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC).

These resources are available to award recipients to conduct research on the development of AI machine learning algorithms, data security techniques, and cybersecurity methodologies. The Data Analytics Platform also serves as an instructional and research tool for Digital Transformation Science courses.

Proposals, Algorithms and Software Development

Proposals are required to use the C3 AI Suite (powered by Microsoft Azure) to show how the algorithms can be applied to real world data. Hence, proposals should explain how the C3 AI Suite and Microsoft Azure will be used to deal with new computational challenges and analyze complex data at scale. C3DTI will make cloud computing resources available to enable the utilization of the C3 AI Suite on the Microsoft Azure stack. C3 AI Suite capabilities include development and deployment of AI applications, data aggregation, and support for flexible REST interfaces. Also provided to Research Award recipients are C3 AI and C3DTI training materials on the use of the C3 AI Suite and computing platforms and technical support by C3DTI staff. Proposals that include a supercomputing requirement (e.g., large-scale data training or simulation) can be supported through scientific supercomputing resources contributed by UIUC’s NCSA and LBNL’s NERSC. Research Award recipients are strongly encouraged to share algorithms and software as open source for the public benefit. Proposers are strongly encouraged to consult with C3DTI technical staff on how they can leverage the C3 AI Suite and C3DTI computing resources to accomplish their proposed research. C3DTI will offer information sessions and scheduled office hours with technical staff, as well as make technical staff available to introduce proposers to the capabilities of the C3 AI Suite and the Microsoft Azure cloud computing and NCSA/LBNL scientific computing environments. Details of these events and contact information will be posted to the C3DTI website at https://c3dti.ai/.

An overview of the C3 AI Suite and supporting resources:

Further, a deeper dive into the capabilities of the C3 AI Suite: