Congratulations to U of I Grainger for launching Siebel School of Computing & Data Science

April 25, 2024

The Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign announced on Tuesday, April 24, the launch of a new school, to be named the Siebel School of Computing and Data Science, in honor of the “transformative” $50 million gift from Thomas M. Siebel, a UIUC alumnus and CEO of C3 AI.

The School is designed to pioneer advancements at the intersection of computing and data science, addressing complex challenges and driving innovation across various fields.

“The establishment of the Siebel School of Computing and Data Science exemplifies the University of Illinois’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and fostering collaborative solutions to global challenges,” said Rashid Bashir, Dean of Grainger Engineering.

“The C3.aI Digital Transformation Institute is looking forward to continuing to push the boundaries of AI in collaboration with the new school,” says Rayadurgam Srikant, Fredric G. and Elizabeth H. Nearing Endowed Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Grainger and Co-Director of the Digital Transformation Institute, established in 2020 by a partnership of C3 AI, Microsoft, and six leading research universities.

Read the full story on the Grainger Engineering website: “University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Announces the Siebel School of Computing and Data Science.