GPS ‘Spoofing’ Thickens the Fog of War

October 24, 2023

Politico: “Spoofing” looks like it’s here to stay as a feature of the new kind of warfare on display in Israel, Gaza, and Ukraine. Despite the lighthearted name, spoofing is a deadly serious missile-defense technique carrying risks beyond the battlefield. By using spoofing, Israeli forces can make it appear that an airplane, precision-guided missile, or any object that uses GPS is somewhere other than its true location. Israel is already using the technique to its full advantage.

Experts believe advanced weapons that use GPS will become more common in battle, so Israel using it now makes sense, and that its use in battle will increase.

A group of AI leaders is calling for an even bigger emphasis on safety in both the technology’s development and regulation.

Experts including Geoffrey Hinton, Dawn Song, and Andrew Yao published a paper [on October 24] warning that AI development runs the risk of getting ahead of humanity’s ability to control it, and that stricter safety controls are needed.

[UC Berkeley Professor of Computer Science Dawn Song is a DTI Principal Investigator on cybersecurity.]

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Abed Khaled/AP Photo