How to Guarantee the Safety of Autonomous Vehicles

January 17, 2024

Two DTI researchers were quoted in Quanta about their work on autonomous driving.

Sayan Mitra, a computer scientist at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign leads a team that has managed to prove the safety of lane-tracking capabilities for cars and landing systems for autonomous aircraft. Their strategy is now being used to help land drones on aircraft carriers, and Boeing plans to test it on an experimental aircraft this year. “Their method of providing end-to-end safety guarantees is very important,” said Corina Pasareanu, a research scientist at Carnegie Mellon University and NASA’s Ames Research Center.

Their work involves guaranteeing the results of the machine-learning algorithms that are used to inform autonomous vehicles.

The aerospace company Sierra Nevada is currently testing these safety guarantees while landing a drone on an aircraft carrier. This problem is in some ways more complicated than driving cars because of the extra dimension involved in flying.

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Image: Señor Salme for Quanta Magazine