Meet the Autonomous Lab of the Future

April 17, 2023

April 17, 2023

Berkeley Lab: DTI COVIDScholar PI and UC Berkeley Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Gerbrand Cedar is the principal investigator at the Berkeley Lab’s groundbreaking A-Lab, a new kind of automated lab that uses robots guided by artificial intelligence.

The system at A-Lab is designed as a “closed-loop,” where decision-making is handled without human interference. The robots operate around the clock, freeing researchers up to spend more time designing experiments.

“We see this as a new way of doing research,” said Ceder. “We need materials solutions for things like the climate crisis that we can build and deploy now, because we can’t wait – so we’re trying to break this cycle that is so slow by having machines that correct themselves.”

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Pictured: Berkeley Lab researcher Yan Zeng in the new A-Lab – LBNL photo by Marilyn Sargent