Spring 2023 C3.ai DTI Newsletter

March 31, 2023

March 31, 2023

C3.ai DTI’s quarterly newsletter covers news of the institute’s Principal Investigators and digital transformation research around the consortium. You can sign up to receive the newsletter here.

The spring edition covers this news:

  • MIT’s David Gifford’s “Ultimate” COVID vaccine designed to combat current and future variants
  • UChicago’s Ben Zhao’s “Glaze” – a program designed to protect artists from AI mimicry
  • Princeton’s Matthew Desmond’s NY Times Magazine feature on “Why Poverty Persists in America”
  • UIUC professors Xiao Su and Diwakar Shukla collaborate to mitigate “forever chemicals”
  • UC Berkeley’s Gerbrand Ceder devises a better blueprint for solid-state batteries
  • MIT’s Aleksander MÄ…dry delivers testimony on AI oversight to a House Committee panel
  • The CZ Biohub expands to Chicago, partnering with UIUC, UChicago, and C3.ai DTI

See the Spring 2023 C3.ai DTI newsletter pdf here.

Image: CZ Biohub San Francisco Research Associate Shruthi Vijay Kumar – Barbara Ries photo