The new car batteries that could power the EV revolution

February 07, 2024

Nature: There’s a revolution brewing in batteries for electric cars, which will rely on alternative designs to the conventional lithium-ion batteries that have dominated EVs for decades. Although lithium-ion is hard to beat, researchers think that a range of options will soon fill different niches of the market: some very cheap, others providing much more power.

“We’re going to see the market diversify,” says Gerbrand Ceder, a materials scientist at the University of California, Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Lithium-ion batteries have improved a lot since the first commercial product in 1991: cell energy densities have nearly tripled, while prices have dropped by an order of magnitude3. “Lithium-ion is a formidable competitor… The biggest challenges are resource-related,” says Ceder, who calculates that the projected 14 TWh needed for cars by 2050 will require 14 million tonnes of total metal. DTI P.I. Gerbrand Ceder developed the novel NLP-driven COVID Scholar literature review site in 2020 with a DTI grant.

Read the Nature story: “The new car batteries that could power the electric vehicle revolution.”

Photo by Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg/Getty